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Cuba: Music and Politics (1997)




Uzbekistan: Women in Transition (1998)




Amazon: Yanomami Indians Straddle Two Worlds (2000)




Afghanistan: Winning the War, Losing the Peace (2002)




Congo: Hope Dies Last (2003)




Afghanistan: A Fragile Peace (2004)




Afghanistan: A Day in the Life of Qais Faqiri (2004)




Afghanistan: Afghanistan's Fatal Flower (2005)




Afghanistan: Cut From Different Cloth - Burqas & Beliefs (2005)




Living with Chernobyl: The Future of Nuclear Power (2007)




Amazon: Yanomami, From Machetes to Mobile Phones (2013)




Amazon: Yanomami, From Machetes to Mobile Phones - extra (2015)




Southeast Asia: Hilltribe Memories (2015)




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