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Lost and Hungry in the Amazon: A Yanomami Story (2023)

Ten thousand years ago we were all hunter-gatherers. Now, the Yanomami Indians in the Venezuelan Amazon are the last large group of semi-nomadic hunter gathers remaining on earth.

For thousands of years their lifestyle remain fundamentally unchanged.


During a short 13 year period, when Hugo Chavez decided to bring remote Yanomami Indians into the modern Venezuelan welfare state, new stresses emerged. 


The filmmakers have been documenting the path of one Yanomami village in the Venezuelan Amazon, from November, 2000 to December, 2020. This period coincided with the rise and fall of the Venezuelan economy and the related Chavez socialist revolution. The challenges and changes for the people in this village as a result of these forces... compressing thousands of years of adaptation into two decades... created dramatic conflicts still unresolved.

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